You are about to discover the real culprit keeping you overweight, unhappy and banging your head against the wall for years or decades while thinking, “Why can’t I do this?”

I’m also going to reveal to you how I lost 80 lbs.

Yup, that’s me.

Hey, I’m Arlene Moshe and I have been overweight longer than I’ve been lean. I’m going to share with you the real key to permanently sculpting the body and life you desire. Best of all, there are no specific fat melting foods, dangerous pills or extreme, insane exercise formulas that I want to tell you about today!

I want to show you how to make your own weight loss easy, automatic and permanent by kicking most of the weight loss wisdom you knew to the curb since childhood. I think you know them-the rules that made you fatter, unhappier and always searching for the next miracle plan promising to melt away 30 lbs in 30 days.

Plus, I’m going to share my story with you that is embarrassing and difficult to admit. I wasn’t always the expert everyone turned to when they were finally sick of failing and and wanted to get serious about losing weight. When it came to having a healthy body or life, I was the exact opposite.

So I want you to do me a favour.

If you are not serious about losing weight, I mean really and truly committed to doing the significant actions it takes to have a better life and body, stop reading this now. It’s difficult to share with people that can’t relate. But, if you are really ready and open to hearing about how you will not only change your body but shift your thoughts and transform your whole life, then keep reading, deal?

And I promise that not only will I share my story but give you the solution I discovered and use to this very day.

I’m about to share with you how you can shift your shape and totally transform not just your body, but your whole life – just like I did.

You should know, I used to feel like a fraud for saying this to clients but I don’t anymore because I know it’s true.

Here is what I know:

  • You CAN get a lean, sexy body without beating yourself up, swearing off chocolate forever, or making ridiculous, unrealistic fitness vows.
  • You CAN rock the hell out of a pair of skinny jeans, AND cultivate the confidence to hit a ton of other long-time goals.
  • You CAN get in control of your health and fitness in a way where success is the only option.

How do I know?

Because I am you. I’ve walked exactly the same path you’re on.

Do you ever say to yourself:

Why can’t I do this?
Why can’t I see this through?
Why can’t just eating a bit healthier be enough?
Why does it have to feel like punishment or torture when I stare at the extra food I ‘should’ leave on my plate?
Why do I pass every drive through or convenience store and wonder if I should get some chips or chocolate for later?

I asked those questions to myself for years, decades really.

But here is the embarrassing part.

In 1997, while still just 40 lbs overweight I graduated as a registered dietitian. But, by 2007, I was a 230 pound dietician. I actually thought that if I knew everything there was to know about food, portions, ratios and percentages, I would want to do what it takes to lose weight.

My mantra became “I know what to do, why aren’t I doing it?”

I’d been overweight since I was 7, and was raised by two wonderful, loving parents who were both morbidly obese. Food was both a comfort and a struggle for my family. I officially started dieting in middle school, though was well aware that I was heavier than the other kids by age 9. By the age of 12, my weight and body image issues were already in full swing. I begged my mom to take me to The Diet Workshop, Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig and in between I followed the grapefruit diet, the egg diet and the fruit only in the morning diet. I’m willing to bet that if you are still reading this it reminds you in some way of your own struggles and past attempts to lose weight.

Do you know?

  • That over a span of 17 years, women will try on average 2 diets per year for approximately 4 to 7 weeks?
  • You probably know what it’s like when your thighs rub together as you walk, when you bend down to grab something and you are navigating around your stomach to get to the floor, then quickly pull your baggy shirt back down to cover anything that might be showing?
  • Or how it feels to sit on the sofa at someone’s home and hold in your gut so your stomach isn’t protruding too much?
  • The most frustrating feeling of staring at the store’s largest pair of pants or jeans and knowing without a doubt they will not fit? Where your friend says, “just try them” and you look at them with shame and embarrassment that they really don’t understand how big you really are?

Do you have a story similar to mine?

I got big from eating. I ate to feel better , yes, but very often I ate when I was already feeling good. I hoped that all the articles and reports telling me I could just walk off the weight were true. I joined gyms and sweat my butt off in step classes and prayed that when I ate later, the exercise would balance it out and I’d even drop a few.

I wish I could say I had a painful experience that started it all and that I ate to mask my pain. I was a pretty happy, successful child and young adult in a loving supportive family. But all families have their flaws. I learned to overeat from my parents. Then even when I knew better, eating felt good. It was a hard habit to break. I did have painful experiences much later as an obese person with my pregnancies but I’d been overweight long before those ever happened. My difficulties with having children were something I thought I’d never recover from and then, absolutely, my already bad habits of overeating were what I used for comfort.

But I continued to use food after having my healthy baby boy. He was a difficult baby to the extreme and my husband and I were getting maybe an hour of sleep a night. It took him until he was 14 months to sleep through the night. I resented the struggle, the lack of sleep and I suffered from post partum depression.

Through all of that I remember thinking, “If I could just lose weight, I’d be happier. It would just seem so much easier.”.

I got help for my post partum depression and my baby got easier but I’ll bet you will understand and relate to what I’m going to say next.

I was still fat, uncomfortable, felt old and frumpy. Perhaps you can even relate to the tiredness, the resentment or the hopelessness and know you need to change too.

I went on to have another healthy baby girl who was easy to care for from the get go. I had my beautiful children, an awesome partner.

I’m sure you will understand what I’m about to say.

I had a life I ‘should’ have been grateful for: I was employable with an excellent educational background so my story isn’t one of being in a financial nightmare. My family life-I was blessed there too. Yet this is when I ballooned to 230 lbs. Two years after my daughter was born.

sales-photo4-postpregThis photo is not my post pregnancy shot that some people use as their ‘before’ photo.

This photo was taken when my daughter was almost 3 years old.

This probably sounds all too familiar.

Every day I’d say, “Tomorrow it begins. Tomorrow, the diet begins.”

That plan usually lasted until about 3 PM the next day, when I visited the salt and vinegar chips in the cupboard, and told myself I will just have a few. Right.

But diets were always the answer!

I mean, I was a registered dietitian. Maybe you can relate to how disgusted I was with myself for wondering if I should do something radical even though I knew all celebrity diets were serious BULL.

I wanted to believe there was something out there that could help me-you must know what I mean.

I know what it means to feel frustrated with your body. To look at yourself in the mirror or in photos and not recognize the frumpy person staring back at you.
I get skipping the gym or a workout for any number of valid reasons; including crazy schedules, the demands from your family and children in particular. After all, there is homework to help with, dance classes, cat litter to clean, and thousand other mini-errands.

I’m curious, have you ever felt like you live in your car?
But somehow, I never missed a trip to the drive thru, or the nearest convenience store.
Whenever I did manage to lose some weight, it crept back on when I wasn’t ‘watching ’ my diet. Or I’d stare with horror at the scale and wanted to stomp my foot right through it when my ever fluctuating weight stared back at me.

It sucks taking one step forward, two steps back. It can be humiliating. And sometimes, it’s damn near impossible to see an end in sight.

But there is a way out.

Remember when I said I kept hoping that there was something out there that could help me?

There was. Me.

Here’s what happened:

I had my first ‘ah-ha!’ moment of many in line at the supermarket (of all places).
I was standing in line at the checkout, scanning the tabloids and the Dairy Milks. I think I hadn’t showered in about 2 days, my hair was up in a pony tail, I had no make up on and my plus sized clothes were beige and black much like these ones here:


I spotted a cover story on a reputable fitness magazine about a woman who had totally transformed not only her body but her entire life after a life-long weight struggle, and became a fitness model at the age of 39! Entire life hunh? That was intriguing. This was a total transformation.
We’re not just talking weight loss here – she was lean, sexy, and tight! My first thought was yeah right-how does your whole life change? But then I thought about this…and maybe you’ve thought this yourself:

I was 37. I’d set this dream goal of being fit when I was 40. Well, 40 was approaching fast! When did I expect this miracle weight loss to happen exactly? At one point, 40 seemed a distant number. When suddenly, I was wide-eyed, thinking “If not now… when!?”

So I set out like a mad scientist and started to research, explore, and learn everything I could about how to once and for all accomplish my own life transformation. The more I learned, the clearer my plan became. I found the answers in the most unexpected of places but not in any diet and exercise book.

We all know that diets and meal plans works IF you follow it. So what was missing?

I went on to document in real time everything I experienced on my own journey to implement all I was learning- all the ups, downs, and in-betweens. And I began to notice it wasn’t just my body that was improving; it was my self-esteem, my determination, and absolute adoration of life!

And then, the answer to transformation dawned on me.

It’s not just about changing my body or what you eat, it was about wanting to have the habits that change your ability to succeed in life.
How was I so sure? Because when I did significantly create new habits…this finally happened:


For the first time, at the age of 42, I saw abs. I had muscles and a small waistline. My dream was to be a normal size 12 or 13 BUT I was a 6 or 8! I was absolutely shocked, I mean floored. And not because it magically ‘MELTED’ off like every diet program wants you to believe.

NO. It’s because I found a way to WANT to DO the things it takes to do consistently to build a better body and life.

I was achieving goals for my career, in my personal life, for my family and for my finances. Not just achieving them, CRUSHING them!

Over the past 5 years, I’ve figured out how to kick the ‘all-or-nothing’ mentality of traditional diets and approaches to the curb. No more declarations of, “Tomorrow, everything changes!”, or dragging myself to the gym at 5 am. Aren’t you just sick of even hearing me say that? How many times have you told yourself those things?

How’d I do it?

How did I find the key to wanting to have new habits of a person who owns a leaner, fitter, more vibrant body and much happier life?

Note to you!

If you are tired of getting ready to start the newest buzz diet tomorrow and getting all the foods into your fridge that you need to blast fat then keep reading. If you hoped I was going to reveal a secret food, killer supplement or magical combination of foods that will melt the fat right off of you, save your eyesight:)

Who’s still with me?

#1 First, I embraced the one truth that hardly anyone knows.

…in fact only 3% of the population are working with this truth.

Here it is:

Your life goals and your fitness goals overlap. Think about it. Please.

Very often, we are doing things in life that we think ‘should’ make us happy. This job should make me happy, I should be happy that I’m a stay at home mom, I should be happy that I earn 6 figures but it’s not what I thought it would be. And when we aren’t happy in life, a huge majority of us, aren’t too excited to eat clean, get lean and exercise or sweat and maybe feel uncomfortable because our life is already making us uncomfortable. Who needs more discomfort? You probably know exactly what I’m talking about. Pass the chips please, those make me feel good-for the time being anyway.

There’s a better way to live your life and start crushing your health goals too.

It starts with mastering the tool that only 3% of the population use. Learning to fine tune your unique priorities. They are unique because we all honour the same priority just a bit differently.

No scary, massive changes all at once, no more eradicating your favorite foods forever, no more staring at the diet books on the shelf, wondering which one holds the secret to your happiness.

Just you, re-setting your priorities, figuring out what you love, and losing weight for good with enthusiasm and energy.

#2 Next, I had to let go of everything and I mean everything that wasn’t working when it came to my life and health goals.

I’m a dietitian and I’m here to say that there are thousands of diets that work when you follow them. BUT. How is that working for ya? It didn’t work for me and I’m pretty certain you are still reading because it hasn’t worked for you either.

It’s NOT finding the right diet that is the problem.

It’s NOT deciding to try yet another piece of crap infomercial machine or DVD or diet knowing that in about 3-4 weeks tops, your motivation and enthusiasm will go down the tubes.

It IS learning to figure out what you are willing to do, want to do and discovering how to create the habits of the healthy, smokin’, lean hot person you deserve to be!

Please don’t be fooled any more by the bodies on those fitness models in any given infomercial and really believe they got it from a single machine or diet alone. I know fitness models and people in this industry and they got their gorgeous bodies through living a lifestyle with CONSISTENT nutrition and workout habits but mostly, the RIGHT MINDSET of wanting to own the habits of a healthy, happy person.

#3 Then, I made the decision to free myself from the ‘all or nothing’ mindset.

You might be able to relate to this when you are either ON a diet, or OFF the diet. Or, when you had one lousy meal, maybe another and then threw in the towel. You have decided: screw it, I can’t do this, it’s not the right time, and dove back into the foods that made you feel good for a while.

I also learned, and this is a very important point you absolutely need to understand if you want to save hundreds or thousands of dollars and FINALLY get off the down 2 pounds up 3 roller coaster ride:

I learned that when you declare over and over that tomorrow everything changes without a plan, without goals or without , wait for it, VERY UNIQUE AND SPECIFIC action steps. Then life itself gets in the way and you are back to watching infomercials.

I don’t know about you but that’s not what I wanted for my life anymore.

Because all it takes is a moment of weakness, a bad day or a quick trip through the drive through window because you are running late. Whatever the reason it ultimately leads to the end of your latest diet and the beginning of your weight climbing a few pounds higher than ever before.

#4 Finally, I realized something that I bet you already know is true. You can’t build a home without a basement.

In other words, when you build a structure like a house-a place where you will spend a lot of time, a place of stability, you need to start with the basement first. Now, you may spend most of your life in the kitchen and of course, the bedroom. But if you don’t build the basement first, what happens? The main and second floor will crumble, that’s what. I realized that if I wanted to transform, truly, I needed to make sure I had a solid foundation to build from first before I focused on the other floors.

You may have taught something similar to your children before or heard this from a loved one. Maybe you’ve even given this advice out to others. But it actually works. It is something that I wish everyone would do. Flat out, it just works.

Now at this point most weight loss programs might tell you that there are certain foods you thought were healthy that were making you fat and therefore none of your previous weight loss attempts were your fault. You might have even seen videos that claim that the government is hiding information from you about products like wheat or milk or that certain foods weren’t meant for humans. Or you may have even heard that your body wasn’t designed to digest certain foods.

Please read this carefully.

Those claims are there to manipulate you into buying into the fact that once again, you were on the wrong diet. And when we tell you what foods you should eat and eliminate, you will finally lose weight.

Being a dietitian, I know individual people have food sensitivities and allergies. I also know there is a a huge difference the way the body can benefit from whole grains and sprouted breads versus foods that have ‘wheat’ in them such as processed cereals and white bread. But those foods didn’t make you fat. The reasons you ate those foods did. Get it?

It is completely unfair and dishonest that you are being so easily led to believe that if you get rid of certain foods you WILL lose weight. Yet the reason you lose weight on any diet is either due to a drastic change in calorie intake or portion control whether certain food groups are left out or not.

BUT, and this is where you need to be honest…Why are you not ON that diet anymore? The one that eliminates foods or recommends certain combinations?

Well, I’m willing to bet a whole lot that the reason is eventually it just feels too hard, it’s not fun and boring. It’s feels like a punishment or doesn’t seem nearly as sexy and appealing as it did when you were watching the video about it for the first time!

I want you instead to imagine a you that is content to be eating in a way that’s right for you. In a way that burns fat and helps you build your muscles. Imagine hearing friends and family saying to you, “What’s going on, you not only look different, but seem different…you know..all over?”.

Knowing that you now own the habits of the person you always wished you could be-the one who takes control of your health and doesn’t fall victim to half truths. Imagine understanding once and for all, that there is more than one path to health and you found yours. Envision a you that is crushing goals not only for health but for your life as well.

I know I’ve said a lot already and at this point you have two choices. You can continue to try and go it alone and use everything you know like I did and maybe even get some kind of results. I did that for a long time. I mean I was a registered dietitian and kept telling myself to keep going because I knew what to do. But I wasn’t doing it.

Or you can take a bigger LEAP, one on a new path you’ve likely not taken all the way to the end before.

I’ve already done the work for you by creating the LEAP Revolution. I used it. I can vouch for it. I still use it right now. LEAP Revolution goes beyond workouts and food recommendations to help you want to have a true fit lifestyle, and struggle less and less with unhealthy eating patterns and life patterns for that matter.

I’m going to take you inside the LEAP Revolution program in detail down below but to help you understand what LEAP is, it helps if you understand what it is not.

  • LEAP Revolution is NOT a scam or the ‘instafix’ you’ve been waiting for your entire life.
  • LEAP Revolution is not another food specific diet plan with foods that you will never eat or buy ever. There are no extreme, insane workout plans for losing 30 lbs in 30 days. There will be no mention anywhere in LEAP Revolution of strategies that will make your life instantly better and cure your relationships in love and life.
  • LEAP does not reveal magic foods that ‘activate’ your weight loss transformation or share with you 5 secrets to zapping belly fat. It’s not a motivational seminar that tells you to simply manifest a happy life, think happy thoughts and your body will shrink in size.

Unlike all of those systems that take advantage of your mindset and your emotions to get you to buy, I’m here to tell you that with LEAP Revolution, you will be required to act.

You aren’t lazy – you just need to do things differently. Significantly. Let go of what isn’t working-for good. With simple steps, you’ll build more momentum and strength than you’ve ever felt before.

To develop LEAP Revolution, I worked first hand with people and professionals who get the best results in life transformations. And I experienced my own transformation. I went from 36.8% body fat to 21% body fat. By doing things differently, I finally shed a total of 80 lbs. For the first time, I created the habit of a person who wants to lift weight to sculpt my shape. I figured out how to change schedules with my family ands my children in ways where no one felt I was being selfish or neglecting them. I re-set my priorities in order to reach dream goals like starting a successful blog, writing a book and becoming an entrepreneur while being an at home mom. You see? I bet you do.

I bet you are starting to see that the LEAP Revolution really is about experiencing a transformation in all area of your life vs. dropping 20, 30, 40 or even 80 lbs or more.

LEAP Revolution is going to help you put an end to that and instead offer you a life-changing breakthrough. Which is way more sexy than keeping off 20 lbs for who knows how long it will last?

This is is super important. Even though I used this program to help myself transform, I’ve designed it to:

  • meet you exactly where you are, and,
  • help you take the small, powerful steps that you specifically need to produce your own incredible results
  • become your own success story with your own transformation photos?


There are 2 main features of the LEAP Revolution that allow you to have access to the same programs provided by transformation and life coaches, dietitians and personal trainers:

Video Modules with Arlene

LEAP has 12 modules where you work with me on your own time. Every module has 3 or 4 short videos of me guiding you through your transformation. You will also see LEAP action sheets along with my personal notes to you that will move you closer and closer to who you want to be from the ground up.

Have a closer look at how complete this transformation program really is:

Module 1

Video: Are You Sure of Your Priorities?

This module shows you how to re-set your unique priorities down to the specific details so you understand finally who you do and do not want to be. This exercise alone, hands down, catapulted my success and will set every action you make from there on into motion. You will love this one! Most people on diets or with personal trainers skip this step. And the diet industry doesn’t want you to do this step because it will break you free from coming back for the next miracle diet plan! It’s a favourite module for my current clients as it automatically opens your eyes to doing things in a significantly different way.

Module 2

Video: Turn Up Your Dreams.

Here, I get you to look with fresh eyes at any crazy, cool, ‘what if I could really do this?’ kind of goals. This module helps you unload what isn’t working and makes real room for your dreams and desires. At times, you may set goals that don’t come from you but appear to satisfy other people in your life.
The result is usually resentful feelings toward others or toward yourself that you ‘should’ accomplish your goals. This ultimately sabotages your health as these goals rarely get done. You will set incredible, exciting but totally do-able goals for the next 12 months BUT also learn how to decipher your LEAP goal-the goal that gets all the other goals accomplished! It’s revolutionary!

Module 3

Video: Selecting Laser Lucid Health Goals

With your health goals, the primary objective is to create momentum. The LEAP Revolution is based on proof that a
series of do-able bite size action steps create enormous momentum. This Module is designed to help you create a SMART-er health goal with bite size, do-able steps that you will be willing to do. It won’t be more than you can handle and you will reel in the giddy feeling that your success brings!

Module 4

Video: Cleaning House!

This Module, ain’t gonna lie about it-is where we transform the ‘tough stuff’.

Here is where you further solidify the building of that ‘basement’ or foundation we talked about earlier. It means having real, ONGOING dialogues with yourself. Yes, it does mean talking about the who what and where’s of emotional eating. But, it’s more than that. This module contains exercises that are the launching pad for transforming your actions and your habits!

Module 5

Video 1: The AutoPilot In All of Us:

Unfortunately, when we lose focus, we often ask ourself “Why can’t I do this? Out of sheer frustration.

Here we get to the bottom of questions like:

Why haven’t I used the elliptical I bought?

Why do I have a million diet books?

Why did I let the whole evening go without a walk or run or whatever?”

Many people don’t bother to truly dig below their very convenient and at the ready usual responses. They then the next time, they are no better prepared to deal with the next time they get off track. When you join the LEAP Revolution, you are well prepared to embrace new habits and let go of the old answers you gave yourself that got you nowhere.

Videos 2-4: What’s On Your Hidden Agenda? and Cues and Clues

In many cases, you have very real reasons and motives for acting counter to your goals. These are kind of like hidden agendas that you do in AutoPilot. As you continue to transform, this module will get you to strengthen your foundation even more my acknowledging your specific hidden agendas and then taking it a step further, getting you to step out of Autopilot! It’s the good stuff!

Module 6

Braindump Your Health Goals!

Now you will learn everything you could possibly need to know, do, change, research, buy, organize and schedule to make your health goal(s) happen. The Action Sheets guide you easily through this module and get you ready to smoke your first Smart Health Goal! It’s in bite size steps and there is not one single declaration telling you to get it done for the next day! You will feel back in the driver’s seat and so incredibly successful as you take step after step with a plan action steps unique to you.

Video 1: Braindump Your Health Goal

Video 2: Organize Your Brain Dump

Module 7

Your Revolution

Video: Declare Your Revolution…Again

The main focus in this module is creating layers of accountability by becoming accountable to yourself, to me and the other LEAP members. Life coaches and trainers are well aware of the evidence that providing accountability for their clients drastically improves successful outcomes. You will declare your own Revolution with regards to having a more manageable, happy, healthy and exciting life. You will begin to prepare for accomplishing your LEAP goal (the goal that makes all the other goals happen). Another favourite module for sure!

Module 8

Facing Your Fitness Level

Facing how unfit you are is one of the reasons people never begin to move. It ain’t easy. So let’s face it. We ignore it for years and then when we try, we get winded within 30 seconds, back away from it because a few minutes feels like death waiting. Or, ignoring parts of fitness that we dislike but actually hold the ticket to our bodies transforming. In Module 8, you will face your current fitness level, discover your soulmate workout, and get totally familiar with the 4 Pillars of Fitness.

Video 1: Your LEAP Lover

Video 2: Date Your Workout

Video 3: Basic Fit Facts

Video 4: Pillars of LEAP Fitness

Module 9

Going Heavy. Let’s Talk Weights.

This becomes a favourite module too after you learn how you can:

  • win at loving weight lifting,
  • accept (finally) why you need to lift heavy (gorgeous bodies were NOT build with the little pretty pink weights)
  • discover how LEAP Revolution gets you to embrace the mindset that it’s not IF you lift but HOW that will get you, in particular, YOUR results.

Options on top of options are provided for you to find your preferred weight lifting workouts to begin. There is more than one path to health and you will find yours in this Module.

Video 1: Going Heavy. Why Lift Weights?

Video 2: Tips to Win

Video 3: Your Options to Lift-It’s not IF you lift but HOW

Module 10

Ditching Hidden Agendas

Here we huddle and regroup and decide once and for all what to do with your hidden agendas. You will be given actions to outsmart your own sabotage attempts and re-direct your focus and fixation on to habits that will build momentum and help you create who you want to be.

Topics include:

  • dealing with unruly emotions
  • planning around your priorities
  • looking at why you specifically need to ‘have it all now’.

Video 1: Let’s Huddle and Regroup!

Video 2: Cutting through the BS of Hidden Agendas

Video 3: Where is Your Fixation?

Video 4: Do You Have to Have it All Now?

Video 5: Unruly Emotions

Talk about a robust Life Coaching Program!

Modules 1-10 are filled with the direction, wisdom, advice and exercises that you would get with a life transformation coach and personal trainer. Now you will learn to plan how you’d like to eat and it will be as if you are paying for private sessions with your own registered dietitian. Read on!

Module 11

Diet Riot & Nutrition Revolution!

This mind blowing module is going to share with you the simple truth about the metabolism, what it is and what it is not. You will finally understand what macronutrients are (carbs, protein and fat) and how nutritionists, bodybuilders, fitness models and me use them to transform their body. This module prepares you for Module 12 where you will have your very own Know Your Numbers Calculator and learn what’s involved in eating consistently to transform. It’s simple, sound, BS free and doesn’t endorse one food over another. You will work with foods you love and it gives you the foundation you need so that even if you decided to hire somebody to work with you and motivate you, you will know whether their nutrition advice is sound or just ‘sounds’ like the latest trend. (i.e. zero carbs)

Introduction Video: Diet: That Big Bad Dirty Word.

Video 1: The Mighty or..Messed Up Metabolism?

Video 2: Store it or Floor it!

Video 3: What Da H#@!K are Macronutrients?


Being on A Diet vs. having One

This is it! This is where you learn everything you need to never be a victim to miracle diets or machinery again.

You will learn:

  • how many calories in a day do you need on days your lifting weights, non lifting days, or does that even work for you?
  • how to design meals based on your numbers that will transform your form.
  • to use the Know Your Numbers Calculator to understand your numbers for weight loss.
  • how to choose which ratio of carbs, protein and fats work best for you.

Plus you will own a gorgeous, full colour, online workbook with a re-cap on the macronutrients, commonly used food groups, sample meal plans to help you understand what’s involved in breaking free from pre-written meal plans and my favourite no fuss, delicious recipes that I love to use to shrink and get lean!

Intro Video: Have a Diet, Stop Being On One.

Video 1: How Long Do I Do ‘This’?

sales-orange-arrowVideo 2: Know Your Numbers and Meet Your Macros

Diet Riot & Nutrition Revolution Book & Calculator are yours to keep just for trying the program. Everything you need to learn your numbers for weight loss-where there is room for Chicken and Twinkies and hard RESULTS!

Video 3: Nutrition Revolution FAQ’s

Video 4; The Closer (but not really)- a closing message.

A complete video module package that gives you a transformation coach, dietitian and personal trainer all in one…

But the 2nd feature of the LEAP Revolution makes it even more complete.


Our private Facebook Community!

Here, you will be a part of an incredibly supportive community with myself and other LEAP-ers to share your wins, ask questions, share challenges and encourage each other to stay revolutionary.

Because of LEAP’s global reach there is someone in there day or night to give you a virtual hug, push and keep you accountable.
It’s like having a 24/7 cheerleading team of LEAP Revolutionaries who have your back AND you have access to this forum FOR LIFE.

My goal in designing this in-depth online program was to give something to those that have reached out and let me know how overwhelming it can be to find, let alone to afford their very own life coach, personal trainer, dietitian or transformation coach.

I wanted you to have something that you could do:

  • at your convenience
  • all in one place for a fraction of the cost that I had to pay which was literally thousands of dollars. (Not that I regret my actions in any way, but it hit me how unrealistic that was for most people and it isn’t even necessary.)
  • do over and over again as you achieve current and future goals!

It’s the reason I’m here talking to you now.

The bottom line is that with simple steps, you’ll build more momentum & strength than you’ve ever felt before. You’ll have everything you need, all in one place, to do at your convenience.

You will kick over-reaching, unrealistic goal setting (and disappointment) to the curb in favor of deliciously possible goals that you can (and will) accomplish.

Everything is already bundled together and waiting for you to get instant access, right away.

Normally, your investment in a program packed with this much power, wisdom, and this many strategies and support systems would set you back a few thousand, or involve monthly ongoing membership fees. When I tally what I spent to get support and training, I spent well over 5K. But, like I said, I want this to be as accessible and easy as possible for you to get started.

It’s ridiculous that people hold back from getting the help they need because it is so hard on the wallet!

I am able to offer this entire program to you for $497


That number is my special introductory rate to launch the LEAP revolution for people like you, who are ready to do things differently.

BUT. I really want you to get into the program and fall in love with it for yourself.

For $49 I am giving you free access to the entire program for 10 days, including the KNOW YOUR NUMBERS calculator and the Diet Riot and Nutrition Revolution workbook. (a $200 value on its own).


If you feel you are not truly ready and committed to doing things differently then you can cancel before the 10 days expire. BUT. Please keep the Diet Riot & Revolution Book and Calculator as my GIFT TO YOU.  Because I feel everyone should learn to track macros, not calories, include their beloved foods and still get KILLER RESULTS that last and last!

leap revolution workbook


And I feel it’s important to tell you…

that I am at the point in my transformation where I desire to work with a select group of people whom are ready to do things differently. Who ‘get’ that what they are doing isn’t working and are ready to believe and work with the idea that life and fitness goals overlap.

I want you to feel how your life transforms when you make revolutionary decisions.

Are you who you want to be?

Would you like to create the habits today of the person you want to be tomorrow?


Take a Revolutionary LEAP Right Now!

Join the Leap Revolution

Start making making your way towards massive, jaw-dropping changes ASAP.

This unique approach to goal-setting, and getting the bod you want in the process, really works. For me, for my clients, and, soon enough, for you.

Here is what some are saying already and they’ve only just started!

“I’m confident about success when I do it your way… that feeling of being proud that propels me forward and makes me want to do more!
“Not ONE week goes by when you don’t inspire me!” ~Ann R.

Arlene takes all the guess work out of becoming successful!€ ~Joanne T.

It’s not about luck or having enough time-Arlene shows you a few simple things you can do each day and the momentum will blow your mind! ~ Katrina L.

I’ve only been doing the program for 1 week and I already feel layers of the old me lifting away-this is just liberating! Thank you so much, Arlene! ~Dayna G.

I’m actually on my way to transforming. It’€s happening! If you think you understand your goals, think again! This is brilliant!~ Deeanna L.

I honestly thought my belt had stretched. Didn’t think I was actually doing anything too significant…. the changes had been so gradual that I hadn’€t realized what a change they’€d created… it’s so simple yet profound… Bit of a turning point for me in a few areas. I feel empowered and motivated to keep it up and implement more goals ( one week at a time)…Thanks.” ~Rob C

I am confident about success when I do it your way instead of feeling the failure when I take on too much.. And let’€s face it, it is that feeling of being proud that propels me forward and makes me want to do more! Thank you… for taking the time out of your busy day to help others! You are inspirational and kind and so giving of yourself! I truly appreciate you…You’re awesome!~Shirley R

The LEAP Revolution represent real, hands-on, tried-and-true ways to go from where you are right now to where you want to be, and I’m ridiculously excited about helping you make that leap.

So what are you waiting for?

It’s time to take the LEAP, and finally start living the life you always knew you could. You’ll have access in minutes!
The longer you delay, the longer you’ll stay stuck in your own habits & cycles, wondering how nice it must be to be one of those “other” people at the gym, the mall, or on the beach or just in life.

Speaking of your current habits – how are those going for ya?

Please. Stop doing what isn’t working?

Make sense?

If you know it’s time to make that call in your life; THIS is the program you’ve been waiting for. Let’s do this – together.

But remember: This program will transform your life if you’ve made the decision that you want to be the BEST you – for good. This is about permanent shifts & monumental results.

Be sure that this is what you want as this program is not a promise of rapid weight loss and miracle foods!

The rest of your life is waiting just around the corner. Can’t wait to see you over there.

Declare your REVOLUTION.

Make your great LEAP.

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